DVARP Message concerning Market-Frankford Line accident

Yesterday, at approximately 8:10 AM E.S.T., a collision occurred on the Market-Frankford line involving out-of-service trains on the turnaround loop west of 69th Street Terminal. Service to 69th Street has been restored, but the line will be even more short on cars for an indefinite time. If you use the El during peak travel hours, you should expect minor delays and crowded trains today and the rest of the week, if not longer. We recommend you avoid the El and use the Subway-Surface trolleys if you’re traveling between Center City and University City.

SEPTA beset by rail vehicle cracks — again.

Several regional media outlets are reporting that SEPTA has discovered cracks in the support system of the Market Frankford Line rail vehicles, resulting in two rail vehicles being removed from service. SEPTA has indicated via Twitter that approximately 1/3 of the Market Frankford Line fleet would be withdrawn for further inspections, resulting in reduced service on Monday. Additional bus service will augment the Market Frankford Line.

Though unrelated, it is reminiscent of the problems that plagued Regional Rail Division vehicles during the summer of 2016.

For more information:

Market Frankford Line – Supplemental Bus Service

El car cracks mean more delays for SEPTA

Jarrett Walker lecture at UPenn

Jarrett Walker, transit industry consultant and author of the Human Transit website, will present “Transit Network Lecture – Abundant Access: Public Transit as an Instrument of Freedom” at the University of Pennsylvania on Monday, December 5th. Participants are required to register in advance.

Mr. Walker’s posts are informative, sometimes counter-intuitive, and certainly make for interesting reading.  Per his website, Mr. Walker is coming to Philadelphia at the invitation of SEPTA.  In addition to the public lecture, he will engage with SEPTA staff through workshop presentations.

For more information and to register, follow this link:


Unused SEPTA TransPass credit available

SEPTA will be offering prorated refunds on the unused value of weekly and monthly TransPasses for the period of the TWU 234 strike. Eligible TransPasses can be exchanged at SEPTA sales offices or retail locations for credit toward future fare purchases.

For more information, see the link below:

How to get a credit for your unused SEPTA pass